About Us

Agape Branch Community International Ministries was founded in February 2019 by Evangelist Sushanth Daniel as an independent, nondenominational ministry to serve the public and individual Christians. Our mission is to seek and save the lost and make “The Great Commission Great Again”

Jesus’ commanded us to share the Good News to the ends of the earth. The Agape outreach volunteers along with missionary partners work as teams in the remote areas of the East African continent.  Planted Churches and Prayer Tower.  We launched a sustainability program to aid the missionaries and brought a revival.

We successfully conducted workshops for the youth and imparted the Holy Bible teachings and encouraged them to be good Samaritans. Encouraged them to be united and work on local resources to create opportunities within the community. We identified the youth who can bear the torch of their leaders. We created platforms for the youth to showcase their talents.

The ministry also had the privilege of conducting the international women’s conference in South East Asia country; to uplift the women’s morale anguished by this harsh society. We collaborated with a local Foundation and had the privilege to invite the elite women leaders holding the Govt Profile. This event highlighted women’s rights to stand for justice.   

We never miss the opportunity to share the word of God; we remain humble in serving the Lord and winning souls for HIM. Our ministry made an impact on winning souls for the Kingdom Of God.  

Every year, we organize Christmas festival events during the advent season of Christmas season to share the Gospel and showcase the love of Jesus with the less privileged society.

We are active on social platforms, sharing Inspirational Blogs, Daily Devotions, and Sermons.

You may connect us thorough  | YouTube | Face book | Instagram | Pinterest | TikTok | Spotify | Quora |



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