Do you know your enemy?

Youth – Full of life

Know Your Enemy’ — John 8:41-44

I was having a conversation with my co-worker over the phone about official work.

My co-worker is also a believer and was sharing a special workshop conducted for young kids in their church. To empower the youth in the knowledge word of God.

The conversation went on and our call ended in the conclusion; we agreed that Youth should be aware of their spiritual enemy.  

On the battlefield, the army is always prepared to face the opponent, since they know the type of weapons used by their enemies. They have a strategy in place to conquer the enemy using anti-weapons and deploy the stations where they can defend themselves and counterattack.

But today, our youth is unable to identify the advance of the opponent and counterattack.

The youth mainly are focused on their issues and academics, they least prefer interested in spiritual aspects. They feel it is a boring subject and always think of something to do with their parents and adults.

These young children are so vulnerable to the lurching enemy that before they could sense the danger, the enemy has damaged them.

I am not questioning the responsibility of the parents or church, but the discussion is routed; youth should know the enemy to defend themselves.

In wake of recent shootings in the United States of America, many innocent victims were susceptible to death and fatal injuries. Many innocent children fell victims to these brutal killings.

The young children are taking the law into their hands and becoming criminals. In recent clinical studies, it was reported that youth who are depressed are addicted to the use of drugs and alcoholics.

These young lads do not know their real enemy. They become targets of Satan, yield to fleshly pleasures, and fall into his trap. If they knew, who their real enemy is, they can defend themselves and counterattack.

We should encourage our youth to attend churches and teach the word of God to have fellowship and participate in youth church activities.

If you are a parent or church leader, you should encourage a young bunch of fellows in your community and teach them about the kingdom of God.

My prayers for the youth, they should know who the real enemy is and counterattack.

Editor Eve. Daniel Sushanth
For Agape Branch Community International Ministries.

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