Rev.Daniel Ogutu

Rev.Daniel Ogutu


It’s a great privilege to share a few attributes about our brother. Though he faced many hardship and challenges in his young age, he has overcome and emerged as a winner. He is very committed, passionate and dedicated, these are his main driving force.

His initial struggle to deal with his complete blindness did not deter our young brave man to glorify GOD with his abundance talents.

You will be quite astonished to know that he is now a Pastor ministering in the churches in Kenya. He spent his youth life in the field of crusades. He has hosted some spiritual festivals with associated renowned evangelist association in Kenya.  He is a music composer and even today, he leads the praise and worship festivals.

We can draw a lot of inspiration from his personnel and spiritual life. We trust that this new association will be a gateway to win many more souls for Christ in Kenya. We always stress that we are “Partners in Christ”. Co-workers in the Kingdom of GOD.

We affirm to continue our support in promoting the Gospel; an invitation to trust in Christ; to take the Gospel worldwide.

Editor Desk,

Eve. Daniel Sushanth

More Info on BIO link below.

Rev.Daniel Ogutu

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