Where is the lack?

‘For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief’ (Ecc. 2:18)

By Deepika Sagar. With the growing wisdom of man, comes much sorrow. With more knowledge, more grief, Solomon says it correctly. With our carnal mind, we understand our lack of finances, lack of bonding, lack of physical fitness, lack of social status, and much more. Our wisdom allows us to see the emptiness, even as we are surrounded by so much. We toil for worldly pleasures of high salaries, big homes, social acceptance, and more, working to free ourselves from insecurities. And when we come out of one, we find ourselves struggling with another. What a life! Oh, the weakness of the flesh! Our soul is in its grip. In the light of the sinful nature of the flesh, we are not able to see the strength of the Spirit.

Satan must be laughing at us. Perhaps saying, “See how ignorant they are for all the Lord has done for them. They already have all that they toil uselessly for. Still, they do not know how to live.”

We only begin to live when we renew our mind to the new creation we have become in Christ. The flesh is dead because of sin, and the Spirit is alive because of His righteousness. Life abundant is only found in the Spirit, where lack has been replaced by heavenly riches, with the finished work on the cross. Every sickness was healed, every financial need was provided for, every relationship was strengthened, and every grief was washed away in Christ.

Living in the flesh, as though we are still the old creation, will never satisfy our soul. In Christ, we no longer need to walk by fear in the flesh. Instead, we walk by faith in the Spirit, and we see the manifestations of the Spirit shine through our flesh.


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